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Geek Test

Is it weird that I noticed that she had a nintendo controller before I noticed that she just had a bra on?
Haha… Oh wow… And just while writing this post did I notice the pink thong…


Finally Watched The Watchmen

Okay so just saw the movie. Probably a couple spoilers ahead but I mean comeon the books been out for 20+ years now…

First off the Penis was a let down. The way the internet is buzzing I thought John spun it around like a windmill or skullfucked a nun with it. I mean come on it wasn’t even that big! Honestly though its the first time I felt the majority of the internet was being sorta juvenile…

Oh My God Penis!

Oh My God Penis!

Second Off…
Violence wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be compared to all the bitching I heard on the goddamn internet again. Sure that scene where Manhattan implodes the gangster and you see him on the ceiling got me for a second but otherwise.. Ehh
Third off…
Way to much bitching about the male nudity in general and not enough talking about Malin Akerman’s kickass tittays…

From a comic adaptation point of view I thought they did a pretty kickass job of it. Loved all the little background details though I’m a little bummed they didn’t show the full Burgers & Borsch sign at the end.
They did a pretty good job of making an entertaining 3 hour movie without unduly fucking with the plot.
I can understand why they took the squid out and set us up the bombs. It would have worked if theyd focused more on the missing peoples sub-plot but eh. I sorta like this version since it makes Ozy look a wee bit more thoughtful in his planning instead of deciding to drop a fucking squid in Manhattan.

Finally I thought the casting was pretty kickass all the way around though I wish Rorschach didn’t sound so much like the Goddamned batman of Christian Bale fame. Also thought Jefferey Morgan was all sorts of awesome as the Comedian and I wished he had more screen time though I also thought the same thing when reading the comic so ehh.

I leave you with this image to ponder over