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Geek Test

Is it weird that I noticed that she had a nintendo controller before I noticed that she just had a bra on?
Haha… Oh wow… And just while writing this post did I notice the pink thong…


Status: So Far Up The Friend Zone’s Ass I Can See Light

Its a bad thing when the girl tells  you about her one night stand right?

Fuckin A…

Its a Fucking Favicon, you Goddamn Pricks

Jesus Christ on a cracker. Fuck this Blavatar shit. An Avatar for your blog. Fuck you. Its called a favicon you fuckers.

I could see gravatars at least. Globally recognized avatars makes sense. But Blavatar? What fucking genius came up with that. The first goddamn syllable is fucking bla!

That being said the actual system for uploading and cropping your future favicon works rather well. However it could use some of that fancy  smancy automatic crop preview that the gravatar cropping tool does so well.