Cooper Doesn’t Know…

Its funny… Chubby girls seem to like me. Especially after they see who my mother who is… She’s Bariatric FYI…

Like they think I’ll accept them for who they are… Because they’re chubby (See (Redacted) or (Redactedl)…

Fuck that… I’m not a chubby chaser… She’ll just toss me when the first able bodied Euro dude who trys to smooze her ( See my mother)looks at her, because he thinks he can get her/my college money.
After seeing what happened to my dad… I don’t want to date the fat chick… I want to go with the skinniest chick that will go hiking every weekend with me. The one that has her shit in place. The one that is her own woman with all her ducks in a row. Then I’ll get a fucking awesome Ironclad prenup…
My mother wonders why I dig the Asian girls… Its because its the farthest I can get from her, physically. A reverse Freudian slip/Oedipus complex if you may… I don’t want to fuck my mother… I want to get as far as fuck as I can get away from her… I want to fuck the exact opposite of the bitch even if I love her dearly….


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